Faculty of Letters Department of Aesthetics and Art Theory
Assistant Professor
Last Updated :2021/09/18

Researcher Profile and Settings

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences/Art history

Published Papers

  • Kokūzō Bosatsu Images and Japanese Esoteric Buddhism (Essays Honoring the Retirement of Profs. Kishi Fumikazu and Hirota Osamu)
    Hillary Pedersen
    Annual Report of Cultural Studies, (69)65 - 90, Mar. 2020, Japanese
  • “Religious Prints as Expressions of the Sacred: the Tsuruya Kōkei Collection.”
    (第204号)121 - 160, Nov. 2019, English
  • Multivalent belief in ninth-century Japan: the Jingoji Godai Kokuzo Bosatsu and five-phases theories
    Hanazono daigaku kokusai zengaku kenkyūjo gyōron, (第6号)1 - 31, Mar. 2011, Japanese, Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution)


  • (review) Fabricating the Tenjukoku Shūchō Mandara and Prince Shōtoku’s Afterlives
    73(2)250 - 255, 2018, English, Book review, literature introduction, etc.
  • (review) The Material Culture of Death in Medieval Japan
    Japanese Religions, 36(1&2)102 - 104, 2011, English, Book review, literature introduction, etc.

Books etc

  • Ākāśagarbha in East Asia.
    Silk, Jonathan A., Bowring, Richard John, Eltschinger, Vincent, Radich, Michael, Dolce, Lucia, Alam, Muzaffar, Bronkhorst, Johannes, Jacobsen, Knut A.
    Brill, 2019, Joint author, English
  • "Color Schemes in Early and Medieval Japanese Buddhist Imagery." Color in Ancient and Medieval East Asia
    Dusenbury, Mary M., Bethe, Monica
    Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Yale University Press, 2015, Joint author, pp. 192-206, English
  • "Myōshinj Today." Eastern Buddhist Voices (Vol. 4, Buddhist Temples of Kyōto and Kamakura)
    Suzuki, Beatrice Lane, Pye, Michael, 東方佛教協會
    Equinox Pub., 2013, Joint author, English