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Last Updated :2021/10/23

Researcher Profile and Settings

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences/Local studies

Association Memberships

  • The International Society for Third-Sector Research

Committee Memberships

  • The Council for Utilization of Dormant Deposits, 2017/04 - Today, the cabinet office, Government
  • Designing the sustainable society through intergenerational co-creation, 2016/04 -2020/03, JST-RISTEX, Academic society


  • The social entrepreneurs who promote the innovation for the community resilience after the Natural Disaster
    Hattori Atsuko
    The Social Science(The Social Sciences), 50(4)59 - 75, Mar. 2021
  • A study on the partnership for the durable community : the possibility of the urban bee keeping
    Hattoir Atsuko
    The Policy and Management Association of Doshisha University, 22(2)19 - 25, Feb. 2021
  • The Art of Social Innovation and a Case Study in the Local Community
    Atsuko Hattori
    21世紀社会デザイン研究, 立教大学大学院21世紀社会デザイン研究科, (16)21 - 29, 2017, Japanese
  • The Capacity for Women Social Entrepreneurship in a Thriving Community
    Atsuko Hattori
    21世紀社会デザイン研究 : Rikkyo journal of social design studies, 147 - 16, 2016, Japanese
  • Social Work and the Perspectives of Social Entrepreneur
    服部 篤子
    ソーシャルワーク研究, 相川書房, 39(1)19 - 26, 2013, Japanese

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Social Innovation and NPOs
    ZOOM, 22 Nov. 2020
  • “Building a financially sustainable economic ecosystem of social enterprise based upon a community development approach.”
    ”James Mandiberg, Atsuko Hattori
    the 6th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, Jul. 2017, Oral presentation (general)
  • “The women social entrepreneurship and social impact in the community
    9th Asia Pacific Regional Conference of the ISTR, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan, Aug. 2015, Symposium, workshop panel (public)
  • “How did social finance affect on revitalization of the 3.11 tsunami disaster in Japan? : A study of social investment fund and the outcome.”
    ISTR 11th International Conference,the University of Muenster,Germany, Jul. 2014, Oral presentation (general)
  • Symposium on the Social Business Scale Out
    Alex Nicholls, Paul N. Bloom, Atsuko Hattori
    May 2013, Symposium, workshop panel (nominated)
  • Creating Social Innovation
    Global Entrepreneurship Week Japan, 16 Nov. 2009, Symposium, workshop panel (nominated)
  • The youth unemployment problem and social enterprises in Japan
    Soul Youth Creative Summit, 03 Jun. 2009, Symposium, workshop panel (nominated)
  • “A study of the support system to scale up for social entrepreneurs”
    ARNOVA 36th Annual Conference, Atlanta, Nov. 2007, Oral presentation (general)
  • “A study of a new flow of funds for developing social entrepreneurs and assessing social impact in Japan”
    ISTR 7th International Conference, The Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, Jul. 2006, Oral presentation (general)
  • “Historical perspectives on corporate philanthropy and community investment in Japan
    ISTR Fourth International Conference, the Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, Jul. 2000, Oral presentation (general)