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Last Updated :2022/12/07

Researcher Profile and Settings


    My name is Isabell Handler and am originally from Vienna, Austria. I joined academia in Japan in October 2018. During my PhD at Keio University I've researched the inbound tourism campaigns to Japan, especially Yokoso Japan!, and conducted a survey among inbound travelers from Taiwan.
    I'm excited to be back and have further opportunity to research on tourism in Japan, a quite adventurous and interesting field in this country!

    Research Interests

    • Sustainable Tourism
    • Travel Behavior
    • Inbound Tourism Japan
    • Tourism Policy Management

    Research Areas

    • Humanities & social sciences / Tourism studies / Tourism Policy Management, Travel Behavior

    Research Experience

    • Doshisha University, Business School, 2018/10 - Today
    • I-Shou University, Taiwan, Assistant Professor, 2012/08 - 2018/07
    • ÖBB (Austrian Railways), IT, Program Coordinator/Project Manager, 2010/04 - 2012/04


    • Keio University, Media and Governance, 2005/10 - 2009/09
    • Vienna University of Economics and Business, Master in Commerce, 1998/10 - 2006/04
    • Vienna University of Economics and Business, MBA, 1997/10 - 2004/04

    Published Papers

    • Impact of Japanese travelers’ psychographics on domestic travel intention during the COVID-19 pandemic
      Isabell Handler; Caroline S. L Tan
      Journal of Vacation Marketing, 25 Aug. 2022, Scientific journal
    • Why do Japanese people visit hot springs during a pandemic? A psychographic segmentation analysis
      Isabell Handler; Junichi Kawaminami
      Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, Elsevier {BV}, 100530 - 100530, Jun. 2022, Scientific journal
    • Can Senior Travelers Save Japanese Hot Springs? A Psychographic Segmentation of Visitors and Their Intention to Visit Onsen Establishments during COVID-19
      Isabell Handler
      Sustainability, 17 Feb. 2022, Scientific journal
    • Are We Teaching Enough? A Literature Review on Sustainable Tourism Events and the Implications for Japanese Higher Education
      Isabell Handler; Caroline S. L. Tan
      Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education, Informa {UK} Limited, 1 - 15, 07 Sep. 2021, Scientific journal
    • Mobile Phone Preferences Among Young Taiwanese Adults: Do Ethical Attributes Matter?
      Isabell Handler
      International Journal of Business and Management Invention (IJBMI), 7(1), Jan. 2018, Scientific journal
    • The impact of the Fukushima disaster on Japan's travel image: An exploratory study on Taiwanese travellers
      Isabell Handler
      Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Elsevier {BV}, 27 12 - 17, Jun. 2016, Scientific journal
    • Social Attributes of a Smartphone and their importance to young Taiwanese consumers : an explorative study
      Isabell Handler; Wanching Chang
      International Journal of Arts and Commerce, 4(5) 16 - 29, May 2016, Scientific journal
    • The Role of Critical Literacy in Business Ethics Education: a Taiwanese Case Study
      Isabell Handler; Peter Gilks
      International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science, 2(8) 25 - 32, May 2014, Scientific journal
    • Profiling segments of Taiwanese leisure tourists to Japan
      Isabell Handler
      Keio SFC Journal, 9(1) 53 - 63, Jan. 2009, Scientific journal
    • Missed Connections: Japan Inbound Tourism Campaigns
      Isabell Handler; Noriko Ito
      Tourism & Management Studies, 4 50 - 61, Feb. 2008, Scientific journal


    • Behaviour and Attitude towards Robotic Staff: An Observation at Henn-na Hotel
      Rosanna Leung; Isabell Handler
      International Federation for IT in Travel & Tourism - AI, Robots, and Automation in Tourism, 17 Oct. 2019, 17 Oct. 2019, 18 Oct. 2019, Public symposium
    • Using observational method in a tourism setting – an explorative study at a religious tourism site in Taiwan
      Isabell Handler
      AGBM Tsukuba International Management Conference, 08 Feb. 2019, 08 Feb. 2019, 09 Feb. 2019, Oral presentation
    • Authenticity in religious tourism experiences – A case study of Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Taiwan
      Isabell Handler
      International Joint World Cultural Tourism Conference, 25 Oct. 2017, 25 Oct. 2017, 27 Oct. 2017, Oral presentation
    • The effects of prior travel experience and perceived risk on online travel purchasing
      Wanching Chang; Isabell Handler
      International Conference on Marketing and Tourism, 06 Aug. 2017, 05 Aug. 2017, 06 Aug. 2017, Oral presentation
    • Segmenting Airline Passengers: How Taiwanese Youth Choose Their Carrier
      Wanching Chang; Isabell Handler
      The 3rd Global Tourism & Hospitality Conference, 06 Jun. 2017, 05 Jun. 2017, 07 Jun. 2017, Oral presentation
    • Importance Performance analysis of visitor's motivation and satisfaction: A case of Red Barn Factory in Kaohsiung City
      Isabell Handler
      15th Asia-Pacific CHRIE, 01 Jun. 2017, 31 May 2017, 02 Jun. 2017, Oral presentation
    • Understanding Working Holiday Makers Motivation and Perceived Values: Applying Herzebergs two factor theory
      Chang, Wanching; Handler Isabell
      14th Asia-Pacific CHRIE, 11 May 2016, 11 May 2016, 13 May 2016, Oral presentation
    • Japan after Fukushima – The feelings of Taiwanese holiday makers
      Isabell Handler; Wanching Chang
      14th Asia-Pacific CHRIE, 11 May 2016, 11 May 2016, 13 May 2016, Oral presentation
    • The study of the relationaship among crossculture adjustment, personality traits, and self-identity of working holiday makers in Australia
      Wanching Chang; Isabell Handler
      International Conference on Tourism and Ethnicity in ASEAN and Beyond, 16 Aug. 2015, 15 Aug. 2015, 16 Sep. 2015, Oral presentation
    • Cultural proximity and intention to visit: an exploratory survey among Taiwanese
      Isabell Handler; Wanching Chang
      International Conference on Tourism and Ethnicity in ASEAN and Beyond, 15 Aug. 2015, 15 Aug. 2015, 16 Aug. 2015, Oral presentation
    • The impact of globalization on local cultures - a Taiwanese perspective
      Isabell Handler
      Asia-Pacific Social Science Conference, 09 Jan. 2014, 09 Jan. 2014, 10 Jan. 2014, Oral presentation
    • The role of critical literacy in business ethics education: a Taiwanese case study
      Isabell Handler; Peter Gilks
      Seminar on Urban Development and Restoration, 15 Dec. 2013, 15 Dec. 2013, 16 Dec. 2013, Oral presentation
    • Technology on tracks: An Austrian case study of customer perceptions of innovative technical services in passenger rail transport
      Isabell Handler
      Advances in Hospitality and Tourism marketing & Management, 25 Jul. 2013, 25 Jul. 2013, 30 Jul. 2013, Oral presentation
    • Introducing a tool for customer-oriented tourism websites
      Chris A. Vassiliadis, Anestis Fotiadis, Tzung-Cheng Huan, Isabell Handler
      2nd Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference, 25 Apr. 2012, 24 Apr. 2012, 29 Apr. 2012, Oral presentation
    • Visit Japan Campaign - A mass marketing approach vs. customer segmentation
      Isabell Handler; Takeo Kuwahara
      2nd International Colloquium on Tourism and Leisure, 06 May 2008, 05 May 2008, 08 May 2008, Oral presentation
    • Missed Connections - Japan Inbound Tourism Campaigns
      Advances in Tourism Economics, 13 Apr. 2007, 13 Apr. 2007, 14 Apr. 2007, Oral presentation

    Teaching Experience

    • Business Research Methods (Quantitative)
      I-Shou University
    • International Human Resource Management
      I-Shou University
    • Business and Public Policy
      I-Shou University
    • Information Skills for Business Management
      I-Shou University
    • Presentation Skills
      I-Shou University
    • Contemporary Issues
      I-Shou University
    • International Marketing
      I-Shou University
    • Human Relations in Tourism and Hospitality Management
      I-Shou University
    • Consumer Behavior
      I-Shou University
    • Cultural Heritage Site Management
      I-Shou University
    • Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality
      I-Shou University
    • Sustainable Tourism
      I-Shou University
    • Destination Management and Branding
      I-Shou University
    • Critical and Analytical Thinking
      Doshisha University
    • Writings Skills for Effective Communication (Academic Writing Skills)
      Doshisha University
    • Business Research Methods (Qualitative Research Methods)
      Doshisha University
    • Cultural and Creative Industries
      Doshisha University
    • Cultural Tourism
      Doshisha University