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Associate Professor
Last Updated :2021/10/27

Researcher Profile and Settings

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Associate professor, Graduate School of Brain Science, Doshisha University, 2015/07 - Today
  • Posdoc, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2011/01 - 2015/06
  • Posdoc, National Institute for Basic Biology, 2008/04 - 2010/12
  • The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, 2004/04 - 2008/03

Academic Degrees

  • 博士, 理学

Published Papers

  • Behavior- and Modality-General Representation of Confidence in Orbitofrontal Cortex.
    Paul Masset, Torben Ott, Armin Lak, Junya Hirokawa, Adam Kepecs
    Cell, 02 Jun. 2020, English, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Reinforcement biases subsequent perceptual decisions when confidence is low: a widespread behavioral phenomenon.
    Armin Lak, Emily Hueske, Junya Hirokawa, Paul Masset, Torben Ott, Anne E Urai, Tobias H Donner, Matteo Carandini, Susumu Tonegawa, Naoshige Uchida, Adam Kepecs
    eLife, 9, 14 Apr. 2020, English
  • Frontal cortex neuron types categorically encode single decision variables
    Junya Hirokawa, Alexander Vaughan, Paul Masset, Torben Ott, Adam Kepecs
    Nature, 576446 - 451, Dec. 2019, English, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Single neuron and population coding in a higher-order cortical area
    Ohnuki T, Osako Y, Manabe H, Sakurai Y, Hirokawa J
    Japanese Neural Network Society, 2989 - 90, Sep. 2019
  • Dynamics of memory engrams.
    Takamiya S, Yuki S, Hirokawa J, Manabe H, Sakurai Y
    Neuroscience research, Elsevier BV, 15322 - 26, Mar. 2019, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Cortical networks of the mouse brain elaborate within the gray matter.
    Akiya Watakabe, Junya Hirokawa
    Brain structure & function, Jul. 2018
  • Multiple Approaches to the Investigation of Cell Assembly in Memory Research-Present and Future.
    Yoshio Sakurai, Yuma Osako, Yuta Tanisumi, Eriko Ishihara, Junya Hirokawa, Hiroyuki Manabe
    Frontiers in systems neuroscience, 1221 , 2018
  • The Limits of Deliberation in a Perceptual Decision Task
    Hatim A. Zariwala, Adam Kepecs, Naoshige Uchida, Junya Hirokawa, Zachary F. Mainen
    Neuron, CELL PRESS, 78(2)339 - 351, Apr. 2013, English, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Functional role of the secondary visual cortex in multisensory facilitation in rats
    Junya Hirokawa, Miquel Bosch, Shuzo Sakata, Yoshio Sakurai, Tetsuo Yamamori
    Neuroscience, PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 153(4)1402 - 1417, Jun. 2008, English, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Hippocampal CA1 Neurons Represent Positive Feedback During the Learning Process of an Associative Memory Task
    Shogo Takamiya, Kazuki Shiotani, Tomoya Ohnuki, Yuma Osako, Yuta Tanisumi, Shoko Yuki, Hiroyuki Manabe, Junya Hirokawa, Yoshio Sakurai
    Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, Frontiers Media SA, 15, 06 Sep. 2021, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Over-representation of fundamental decision variables in the prefrontal cortex underlies decision bias.
    Tomoya Ohnuki, Yuma Osako, Hiroyuki Manabe, Yoshio Sakurai, Junya Hirokawa
    Neuroscience research, 15 Jul. 2021, English, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Contribution of non-sensory neurons in visual cortical areas to visually guided decisions in the rat
    Yuma Osako, Tomoya Ohnuki, Yuta Tanisumi, Kazuki Shiotani, Hiroyuki Manabe, Yoshio Sakurai, Junya Hirokawa
    Current Biology, Elsevier BV, 31(1)1 - 13, Jul. 2021, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Bi-directional encoding of context-based odors and behavioral states by the nucleus of the lateral olfactory tract.
    Yuta Tanisumi, Kazuki Shiotani, Junya Hirokawa, Yoshio Sakurai, Hiroyuki Manabe
    iScience, 24(4)102381 - 102381, Apr. 2021, English, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Dynamic coordination of the perirhinal cortical neurons supports coherent representations between task epochs
    Tomoya Ohnuki, Yuma Osako, Hiroyuki Manabe, Yoshio Sakurai, Junya Hirokawa
    Communications Biology, Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 3(1), Dec. 2020, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Encoding of odor information and reward anticipation in anterior cortical amygdaloid nucleus
    Kazuki Shiotani, Yuta Tanisumi, Junya Hirokawa, Yoshio Sakurai, Hiroyuki Manabe
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 20 Nov. 2020
  • Tuning of olfactory cortex ventral tenia tecta neurons to distinct task elements of goal-directed behavior
    Kazuki Shiotani, Yuta Tanisumi, Koshi Murata, Junya Hirokawa, Yoshio Sakurai, Hiroyuki Manabe
    eLife, eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd, 9, 04 Aug. 2020, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Subjective decision threshold for accurate visual detection performance in rats
    Yuma Osako, Yoshio Sakurai, Junya Hirokawa
    Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group, 8(1)9357 , 01 Dec. 2018, English, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • How can the brain encode unlimited amount of memory? - temporary cell assemblies in hippocampus
    Yoshio Sakurai, Hiroyuki Manabe, Junya Hirokawa
    International Journal of Psychology, ROUTLEDGE JOURNALS, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 51874 - 874, Jul. 2016, English
  • Area-specific substratification of deep layer neurons in the rat cortex
    Akiya Watakabe, Junya Hirokawa, Noritaka Ichinohe, Sonoko Ohsawa, Takeshi Kaneko, Kathleen S. Rockland, Tetsuo Yamamori
    Journal of Comparative Neurology, WILEY-BLACKWELL, 520(16)3553 - 3573, Nov. 2012, English, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Multisensory Information Facilitates Reaction Speed by Enlarging Activity Difference between Superior Colliculus Hemispheres in Rats
    Junya Hirokawa, Osamu Sadakane, Shuzo Sakata, Miquel Bosch, Yoshio Sakurai, Tetsuo Yamamori
    PLOS ONE, PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 6(9)e25283 , Sep. 2011, English, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Analysis of Area-Specific Expression Patterns of RORbeta, ER81 and Nurr1 mRNAs in Rat Neocortex by Double In Situ Hybridization and Cortical Box Method
    Junya Hirokawa, Akiya Watakabe, Sonoko Ohsawa, Tetsuo Yamamori
    PLOS ONE, PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 3(9)e3266 , Sep. 2008, English, Research paper (scientific journal)

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Structured and cell-type-specific encoding of decision variables in orbitofrontal cortex
    Hirokawa J, Vaughan A, Masset P, Ott T, Kepecs A
    The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society, 31 Jul. 2020
  • Discrete subpopulations in Orbitofrontal cortex represent distinct decision variables
    Junya Hirokawa
    Systems Neuroscience and Decision Making (Aarhus, Denmark), 07 Aug. 2019, English, Oral presentation (invited, special)
  • Categorical representations of decision variables within Oribito frontal cortex
    Junya Hirokawa, Alex Vaughan, Adam Kepecs
    Neuroscience 2016, Jul. 2016, English, Oral presentation (general)
  • The representational content of rat orbitofrontal cortex during outcome anticipation.
    Junya Hirokawa, Alex Vaughan, Adam Kepecs
    The 79th CSHL Symposium, May 2014, English, Poster presentation
  • Reward expectations bias perceptual decisions proportional to uncertainty.
    Junya Hirokawa, Armin Lak, Adam Kepecs
    Annual Conference for Society for Neuroeconomics, Sep. 2012, English, Oral presentation (general)
  • Do rats make optimal olfactory decisions under perceptual uncertainty when rewards are unstable
    Junya Hirokawa, Adam Kepecs
    Computational and Systems Neuroscience (Cosyne), Jan. 2012, English, Oral presentation (general)