Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Electronics
Last Updated :2020/02/29

Researcher Profile and Settings

Research Areas

  • Manufacturing technology (mechanical, electrical/electronic, chemical engineering)/Electronic devices and equipment
  • Manufacturing technology (mechanical, electrical/electronic, chemical engineering)/Communication and network engineering
  • Nanotechnology/Materials/Optical engineering and photonics


  • Doshisha University, 1985
  • Doshisha University, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, 1985
  • Doshisha University, 1982
  • Doshisha University, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, 1982
  • Doshisha University, 1980
  • Doshisha University, Faculty of Engineering, 1980

Academic Degrees

  • Doctor of Engineering, Doshisha University
  • Master of Engineering, Doshisha University

Books etc

  • Coherence and Quantum Optics VIII
    SASAKI Wakao, Bigelow, N. P.(Editor, Eberly, J. H.(Editor, Stroud, C. R, Walmsley, I. A.(Edi
    Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publisher, 2003, 共著, 学術書

Conference Activities & Talks

  • 光非線形性に基づく自己組織化ネットワークのスマートグリッドへの応用
    SASAKI Wakao
    日本応用数理学会2011年度年会, 2011

Research Grants & Projects

  • Super Compact Hyper Coherent Blue Ray Semiconductor Laser Sources
    Scientific Research(C)(General), 2004 -2006
  • Color Recognition System by Optical Neural Network
    Scientific Research(C)(General), 1991 -1993

Research cooperation among industry, academia and government

  • Joint Research Theme:not specified
    Remarks:Cooperative research with other research organization including private (industrial) sectors