NAITO Masanori
Graduate School of Global Studies
Last Updated :2021/10/23

Researcher Profile and Settings

Research Interests

  • migration
  • Turkey-EU relations
  • Middle East
  • Islam

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences/Local studies
  • Humanities & social sciences/Geography
  • Humanities & social sciences/Local studies

Research History

  • 1981-83 Desertification Problems in the Middle East, Water Resource Management in the Oasis of Damascus
  • 1983-86 Ethinicity and National Integration in the Midlle East, Socio-cultural Structure of the Syrian cities and Spatial Configuration under the Bath Regime
  • 1986- Socio-cultural Studies on Muslim Immigrants in Europe, Turkish Immigrants' re-Islamization Process in the EU countries.
  • 1999- Conflict Prevention between Islam and the West

Academic & Professional Experience

  • -, 1991
  • Professor, Institute for the Study of Global Issues, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University, 1997 - 2010
  • - Professor, Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University, 2010
  • - UNESCO/SHS/MOST Scientific Advisor representing Asia and Pacific Region, 2003
  • -92 Visiting Scholar to Ankara University, School of Political Sciences, 1992
  • -92 Representative of Ankara Liaison Office, JSPS, 1991
  • -97 Associate Professor, Department of Social Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University, 1989
  • -89 Lecturer, Department of Social Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University, 1986
  • -86 Research Associate, Department of Human Geography, The University of Tokyo, 1982
  • -83 Visiting Researcher to Damascus University, Department of Geography, 1981
  • Lecturer at University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto University, Keisen University


  • The University of Tokyo, 1982
  • The University of Tokyo, Graduate School, Division of Science, 1982
  • The University of Tokyo, College of Arts and Sciences, 1979
  • The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Liberal Arts, 1979

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D. (social sciences), Hitotsubashi University
  • 理学修士, 東京大学

Association Memberships

  • Science Council of Japan
  • The Association of Japanese Geographers
  • Japan Assocation of the Middle East Studies
  • Collegium Mediterranistarum

Committee Memberships

  • Exective Board Member, 2003 -2007, Collegium Mediterranistarum, Academic society, Collegium Mediterranistarum
  • Council Member, 2006, Science Council of Japan, Academic society, Science Council of Japan
  • Committee Member, 2003, Japan Assocation of the Middle East Studies, Academic society, Japan Assocation of the Middle East Studies
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Committee, Representing Asia and Pacific Regions, 2003, UNESCO, SHS/MOST, Academic society, UNESCO, SHS/MOST

Awards & Honors

  • Devlet Ustun Hizmet Odulu

Published Papers

  • 『イスラーム国』問題の縮図としてのトルコ」
    内藤 正典
    『世界』, (No.863)196 - 205, 2014
  • トルコは不安定化するのか,内政と外交の危機
    内藤 正典
    『国際問題』, 629(3)29 - 41, 2014
  • Turkiye, Ortadogu'da istikrar garantisi (interview article)
    内藤 正典
    AKSIYON dergisi, Feza Gazetecilik AS, 83552 - 54, 2010
  • “Üçüncü Oturumun Değerlendirilmesi”
    内藤 正典
    Dördüncü Uluslararası Sempozyum Bildirileri, Güvenliğinin Yeni Boyutları ve Uluslararası Örgütler, SAREM, Genelkurmay Basımevi, 233 - 235, 2007
  • Integration or Exile, German Auslanderpolitik and Turkish Migrants
    内藤 正典
    Hitotsubashi Journal of Social Studies, Hitotsubashi Academy, 2769 - 87, 1995
  • From the Walled Inner City to the Urban Periphery : Changing Phases of Residential Separation in Damascus
    内藤 正典
    Hitotsubashi Journal of Arts and Sciences, 29(1)55 - 69, 1988
  • Al-Khalidiya : Development and Social Formation of a Squatter Settlement on the Urban Periphery of Aleppo
    内藤 正典
    Mediterranean Studies Research Group, Hitotsubashi University, 75 - 98, 1988
  • A Report on the Present Situation of Irrigation and Agriculture in the Oasis of Damascus 1981-1983
    内藤 正典
    Studies in the Mediterranean World Past and Present, Hitotsubashi University, 1011 - 58, 1986
  • Crisis of Kufrayn Village in the Oasis of Damascus: Spatial Configuration under the Process of National Integration
    Masanori Naito
    Geographical review of Japan, Series B., 60(2)134 - 163, 1987, English, Research paper (scientific journal)


  • Why has Turkey not faced revolts?
    SEKAI,Iwanami Shoten, 818(6)211 - 221, 2011
  • Rise on Islam Soft Power; New Diplomatic Strategy of Turkey
    Journal of Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME), (8)40 - 44, 2010
  • “Bölgesel Güç Olarak Türkiye’ninOrta Doğu’nun Güvenliğindeki Yeri”
    内藤 正典
    Beşinci Uluslararası Sempozyum Bildirileri, Orta Doğu, Belirsizlikler İçindeki Geleceği ve Güvenlik Sorunları, SAREM, Genelkurmay Basımevi, 199 - 206, 2008
  • Middle East, Road to Syria, Urban State in the Desert
    30/5,82-89, 1985
  • Water Resource Management in the Oasis of Damascus
    Stuttgarter Geographisches Studien, 105104 - 113, 1985

Books etc

  • (編著)『イスラーム世界の挫折と再生』
    NAITO Masanori
    明石書店, 2014, Other, pp.11-23、pp.86-111, Scholarly book
  • 『グローバル・ジャスティス――新たな正義論への招待』
    NAITO Masanori, 岡野八代, 内藤正典
    ミネルヴァ書房, 2013, Joint author, pp.19-39,pp.237-242, Scholarly book
  • Islam as Peace of Mind
    NAITO Masanori
    Shueisha Publishers, 2011, Sole author, Scholarly book
  • Awakening as Muslims in Europe: Strained Relations between two Civilizations
    NAITO Masanori
    Conflict and Settlement in Europe, Proceedings of the sumposium under the same title 23-24 September 2005, Tokyo, Centre for New European Research, Hitotsubashi University, 2006, Sole author, 160-182, Scholarly book
  • Bilgi Toplumun Tasdigi Risk Unsurlari
    NAITO Masanori
    Ucuncu Uluslararasi Sempozyum Bildirileri, T.C. Genel Kurmay Baskanligi, 2005, Sole author, 49-54, Scholarly book
  • Between Tolerance and Intolerance: How can we achieve Cultural Pluralism with Muslims?
    NAITO Masanori
    Proceedings of the International Symposium, Cultural Diversity and Globalization, The Arab-Japanese Experience, UNESCO, 2005, Sole author, 109-112, Scholarly book
  • Role of Religion in the 21st Century, Prevention of Crisis among Civilizations
    NAITO Masanori
    Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict Prevention Project, Expert Colloquy, Dialogue serving Intercultural and Interreligious Communication, Strasbourg, 7-9 October 2002, Council of Europe, 2002, Sole author, Scholarly book
  • Urbanization and its Implication on the Socio-economic Structure in the Syrian Cities, A Comparative Study on Damascus and Aleppo
    NAITO Masanori
    Urbanism in Islam, The Proceedings of the International Conference on Urbanism in Islam, The University of Tokyo, 1989, Sole author, 439-460, Scholarly book

Conference Activities & Talks

  • 「Orta Doğu Kaynaklı İstikrarsızlık ve Türkiye’nin Rolü,Japonya’dan bir bakış」パネリストとして講演(日本政府より派遣)
    Sep. 2014
  • Islamic World:What should be known?
    NAITO Masanori
    Global Leadership Development Program II講義, 2013
  • 「イスラーム社会を考える―「アラブの春」と中東民主化のゆくえ」
    NAITO Masanori
    行政研修(課長級), 2012, 人事院公務員研修所
  • Islamic World:What should be known?
    NAITO Masanori
    Global Leadership Development ProgramⅡ, 2012, 花王本社
  • Islamic World:What should be known?
    NAITO Masanori
    Global Leadership Development ProgramⅡ講義, 2012, 花王本社
  • Regional Conflict Management,the Case of Japan
    NAITO Masanori
    G20加盟国によるConstructive Powers Partnership Initiative会議, 2011


  • Promotion of Dialogue between Islam and the West, Conflict Prevention Studies
    2001 -2010
  • Turkish Diplomacy and Regional/Global Order in the Early XXIst Century
  • Turkey's Accession Talks with the EU
    2002 -2009
  • Islam and the West, Socio-cultural Conflict between European Societies and the Muslim Immigrant Societies
    2001 -2009
  • Religious Dialogue among Monotheistic Religions in Turkey
  • Nation Building and National Education in Kyrgyzstan
  • Nation Building and National Education in Kazakhstan
  • Structural Factors of Terrorism by the Extremist Islamist Groups
  • Turkey's Emigration Policy and its Economic Effects
  • Urbanization and Rural-Urban Migration in Turkey
    1991 -1996
  • Desertification Problems in the Oasis of Damascus
    1981 -1983

Research Grants & Projects

  • Impact of Democratization Movements in the Arab Countries to non-Arab Muslim Societies
    Scientific Research(B)(Overseas Academic Research), 2012 -2014
  • Conflict Prevention between Muslim World and the West, Socio-political issues of the Muslim immigrants in Europe, Turkey-EU relations

Research cooperation among industry, academia and government

  • Joint Research Theme:Market Delopment of Textile Industry in Kyoto to the Middle East
    KeywordKyoto, Middle East, Turkey, Textile Industry
    Remarks:Cooperative research with other research organization including private (industrial) sectors
  • Remarks:Cooperative research with other research organization including private (industrial) sectors