AKAO Satoshi
Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Environmental Systems Science
Last Updated :2022/07/04

Researcher Profile and Settings

Research Interests

  • Waste water treatment
  • Waste treatment
  • Water and sewage
  • Anaerobic digestion

Research Areas

  • Social infrastructure (civil Engineering, architecture, disaster prevention) / Civil engineering (environmental systems)
  • Environmental science/Agricultural science / Environmental materials/recycling technology
  • Environmental science/Agricultural science / Environmental load reduction/restoration technology

Research Experience

  • 同志社大学, 2015/04 - Today
  • Tottori University, 2007/04 - 2015/03
  • Tottori University, 2006/10 - 2007/03


  • 2003/10 - 2006/09
  • 1997/04 - 1999/03
  • Kyoto University, Faculty of Engineering, 1993/04 - 1997/03

Published Papers

  • The effect of soil sample size, for practical DNA extraction, on soil microbial diversity in different taxonomic ranks
    Hiroki Morita; Satoshi Akao
    PLOS ONE, Nov. 2021, Scientific journal
  • Characteristics of organic growing media for hydroponic cultivation prepared from leaves and stalks of eggplant with crudely crushed and soaked in water
    Satoshi Akao; Takahiro Iwasaki
    土木学会論文集G(環境), 77(7) 151 - 160, Nov. 2021, Scientific journal
  • Characterization of effluent water quality from hydroponic cultivation system
    H. Nagare; Y. Nomura; K. Nakanishi; S. Akao; T. Fujiwara
    Journal of Water and Environment Technology, Japan Society on Water Environment, 19(2) 64 - 73, Apr. 2021, Scientific journal
  • 溶媒抽出による作物残渣の有機培地化に関する基礎的検討
    赤尾聡史; 川崎向日葵; 野村洋平; 藤原拓
    土木学会論文集G(環境), 76(7) III_311 - III_318, Dec. 2020, Scientific journal
  • Simultaneous recovery of phosphorus and potassium from biomass as magnesium salt
    Hideaki Nagare; Takumi Iwata; Ayako Ebi; Satoshi Akao; Morihiro Maeda; Daisuke Yasutake; Taku Fujiwara
    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser.G (Environmental Research), 76(7) III_181 - III_187, Dec. 2020, Scientific journal
  • Economic Analysis of Sewage Sludge Composting on Regional Circular Economy Using Municipal Input-output Table
    Satoshi Akao, Takanobu Katsumi, Taku Fujiwara, Ryusei Ito, Kuniaki Takahashi, Taichi Akama
    Journal of Japan Society on Water Environment, 43(3) 63 - 68, May 2020, Scientific journal
  • Effects of a Small-scale Combined Heat and Power Plant’s Operation
    Takanobu Katsumi; Satoshi Akao
    木材工業, 74(5) 182 - 187, May 2019, Scientific journal
  • Nitrogen, phosphorus, and antioxidant contents in crop residues for potential cascade utilization
    Satoshi Akao
    Waste and Biomass Valorization, 9(9) 1535 - 1542, Sep. 2018, Scientific journal
  • Effects of cultivation period on catch crop chemical composition and potential for bioenergy production
    S. Akao; D. Yasutake; K. Kondo; H. Nagare; M. Maeda; T. Fujiwara
    Industrial Crops and Products, Elsevier B.V., 111 787 - 793, 01 Jan. 2018, Scientific journal
  • 大型水生植物からのリン回収
    永禮英明; 渡辺諒; 藤原拓; 赤尾聡史; 前田守弘
    土木学会論文集G(環境), 72(7) Ⅲ_249 - Ⅲ_254, Oct. 2016, Scientific journal
  • Non-sterile simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of corn leaves and stalks to l-lactic acid without external nutrient addition
    Satoshi Akao; Hideaki Nagare; Morihiro Maeda; Keisuke Kondo; Taku Fujiwara
    JOURNAL OF MATERIAL CYCLES AND WASTE MANAGEMENT, SPRINGER, 18(2) 208 - 214, Apr. 2016, Scientific journal
  • Nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions from paddy soil treated with rice husk products at different moisture contents in a short-term experiment
    Thi Kim Thanh HA; Morihiro MAEDA; Taku FUJIWARA; Hideaki NAGARE; Satoshi AKAO; Quoc Thinh TRAN
    Journal of Environmental Science for Sustainable Society, 7 9 - 15, Mar. 2016, Scientific journal
  • Nitrous oxide emissions during biological soil disinfestation with different organic matter and plastic mulch films in laboratory-scale tests
    Morihiro Maeda; Eisuke Kayano; Taku Fujiwara; Hideaki Nagare; Satoshi Akao
    ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 37(4) 432 - 438, Feb. 2016, Scientific journal
  • Effects of soil type and nitrate concentration on denitrification products (N2O and N-2) under flooded conditions in laboratory microcosms
    Thi Kim Thanh Ha; Morihiro Maeda; Taku Fujiwara; Hideaki Nagare; Satoshi Akao
    SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT NUTRITION, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 61(6) 999 - 1004, Nov. 2015, Scientific journal
  • Combined use of sugars and nutrients derived from young maize plants for thermophilic L-lactic acid fermentation
    S. Akao; H. Nagare; M. Maeda; K. Kondo; T. Fujiwara
    INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS, ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 69 440 - 446, Jul. 2015, Scientific journal
  • クリーニングクロップ-乳酸発酵システムの環境負荷量および収益性の評価
    増田貴則; 松岡真如; 山田正人; 長谷隆仁; 赤尾聡史; 永禮英明; 藤原拓
    土木学会論文集G(環境), 70(7) Ⅲ_483 - Ⅲ_491, Dec. 2014, Scientific journal
  • 応答曲面法による独立型太陽光発電システムの設置コスト最適化
    赤尾聡史; 福永剛士
    土木学会論文集G(環境), 70(6) Ⅱ_217 - Ⅱ_225, Oct. 2014, Scientific journal
  • Utilization of water chestnut for reclamation of water environment and control of cyanobacterial blooms
    Satoshi Akao; Yoshihiko Hosoi; Taku Fujiwara
  • 管路情報が少ない中小事業体における配水管の破損予測方法
    細井由彦; 増田貴則; 赤尾聡史
    土木学会論文集G(環境), 69(7) Ⅲ_345 - Ⅲ_353, Nov. 2013, Scientific journal
  • Cascade utilization of water chestnut: recovery of phenolics, phosphorus, and sugars
    Satoshi Akao; Koutaro Maeda; Yoshihiko Hosoi; Hideaki Nagare; Morihiro Maeda; Taku Fujiwara
  • Seasonal changes in the performance of a catch crop for mitigating diffuse agricultural pollution
    K. Kondo; K. Inoue; T. Fujiwara; S. Yamane; D. Yasutake; M. Maeda; H. Nagare; S. Akao; K. Ohtoshi
    Water Science and Technology, 68(4) 776 - 782, 2013, Scientific journal
  • 人口減少が進む小規模事業体における下水道の長寿命化及び更新政策
    細井由彦; 増田貴則; 赤尾聡史; 灘英樹; 高田大資
    土木学会論文集G(環境), 68(7) III_681 - III_690, Nov. 2012, Scientific journal
  • クリーニングクロップ導入によるナス施設栽培休閑期における栄養塩溶脱負荷の削減
    前田守弘; 仲宗根安弘; 岡本啓史; 浅野裕一; 藤原拓; 永禮英明; 赤尾聡史
    土木学会論文集G(環境), 68(7) III_103 - III_111, Nov. 2012, Scientific journal
  • Nutrient recovery from biomass cultivated as catch crop for removing accumulated fertilizer in farm soil
    H. Nagare; T. Fujiwara; T. Inoue; S. Akao; K. Inoue; M. Maeda; S. Yamane; M. Takaoka; K. Oshita; X. Sun
    WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, IWA PUBLISHING, 66(5) 1110 - 1116, 2012, Scientific journal
  • Comparison of simultaneous and separate processes: saccharification and thermophilic L-lactate fermentation of catch crop and aquatic plant biomass
    Satoshi Akao; Koutaro Maeda; Shingo Nakatani; Yoshihiko Hosoi; Hideaki Nagare; Morihiro Maeda; Taku Fujiwara
    ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 33(13) 1523 - 1529, 2012, Scientific journal
  • 回収・再資源化を目的としたバイオマスからの元素抽出
    永禮英明; 藤原拓; 赤尾聡史; 前田守弘; 山根信三
    土木学会論文集G(環境), 67(7) Ⅲ461 - Ⅲ466, Nov. 2011, Scientific journal
  • 笠岡湾干拓地における水質汚濁現状と安定同位体自然存在比を用いた汚濁機構解析
    前田守弘; 浅野裕一; 兵藤不二夫; 中島泰弘; 藤原拓; 永禮英明; 赤尾聡史
    土木学会論文集G(環境), 67(7) Ⅲ213 - Ⅲ221, Nov. 2011, Scientific journal
  • 人口減少後社会への移行過程における下水道事業経営と地域及び世代間負担
    細井由彦; 灘英樹; 増田貴則; 赤尾聡史
    土木学会論文集G(環境), 67(7) Ⅲ577 - Ⅲ585, Nov. 2011, Scientific journal
  • ソフトバイオマスを原料とした酵素糖化における各種前処理の糖化効率比較
    前田光太郎; 赤尾聡史; 細井由彦; 永禮英明; 前田守弘; 藤原拓
    土木学会論文集G(環境)Ⅲ, 67(7) 433 - 440, Nov. 2011
  • クリーニングクロップ栽培と湛水の組み合わせによるハウス土壌集積塩類の除去特性
    井上賢大; 近藤圭介; 藤原拓; 前田守弘; 高岡昌輝; 大年邦雄; 山根信三; 永禮英明; 赤尾聡史
    環境工学研究論文集, 47 273 - 280, Nov. 2010, Scientific journal
  • トウモロコシからのリン抽出方法の検討
    永禮英明; 井上司; 藤原拓; 赤尾聡史; 前田守弘; 山根信三
    環境工学研究論文集, 47 459 - 464, Nov. 2010, Scientific journal
  • 水利用機能を考慮した人口減少社会における下水道管路の耐震化
    細井由彦; 上地進; 増田貴則; 赤尾聡史
    環境工学研究論文集, 47 305 - 314, Nov. 2010, Scientific journal
  • 生ごみを用いた非滅菌高温L-乳酸発酵におけるD-乳酸生成が起こり得る時期と関与する菌種
    榮祐介; 赤尾聡史; 前田光太郎; 細井由彦
    環境工学研究論文集, 47 585 - 593, Nov. 2010
  • Kinetic model of thermophilic L-lactate fermentation by Bacillus coagulans combined with real-time PCR quantification
    T. Hidaka; T. Horie; S. Akao; H. Tsuno
    WATER RESEARCH, PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 44(8) 2554 - 2562, Apr. 2010, Scientific journal
  • 財政と住民便益から見た人口減少下における下水道整備の検討
    灘英樹; 細井由彦; 増田貴則; 赤尾聡史
    下水道協会誌, 47(573) 135 - 144, 2010, Scientific journal
  • 公共財の供給を含む一般会計を考慮した人口減少高齢化社会における下水道事業経営
    細井由彦; 灘英樹; 増田貴則; 赤尾聡史
    環境工学研究論文集, 46 165 - 174, Nov. 2009, Scientific journal
  • 人口減少高齢化構造からみた一般行政サービスの受益と負担を考慮した汚水処理事業経営
    細井由彦; 増田貴則; 赤尾聡史; 麻本裕也
    環境システム研究論文集, 37 145 - 152, Sep. 2009, Scientific journal
  • 家庭系生ごみの組成分析と非滅菌高温L-乳酸発酵での利用
    赤尾聡史; 榮祐介; 岩崎翔志; 門木秀幸
    環境工学研究論文集, 45 451 - 458, Nov. 2008
  • 生ごみからの各種別L-乳酸塩の発酵とポリ乳酸の合成に関する研究
    津野洋; 赤尾聡史; 宮井公太郎; 日高平; 堀江匠
    環境工学研究論文集, 44 471 - 479, Nov. 2007, Scientific journal
  • Effects of pH and temperature on products and bacterial community in-lactate batch fermentation of garbage under unsterile condition
    S. Akao; H. Tsuno; T. Horie; S. Mori
    WATER RESEARCH, PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 41(12) 2636 - 2642, Jun. 2007, Scientific journal
  • Semi-continuous L-lactate fermentation of garbage without sterile condition and analysis of the microbial structure
    S. Akao; H. Tsuno; J. Cheon
    WATER RESEARCH, PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 41(8) 1774 - 1780, Apr. 2007, Scientific journal
  • 非滅菌模擬生ごみを原料とする高温L-乳酸発酵の半連続式培養への適用
    赤尾聡史; 津野洋; 堀江匠
    土木学会論文集G, 63(1) 68 - 76, Mar. 2007, Scientific journal
  • 植種を伴う非滅菌高温L-乳酸発酵における培養温度とpHの影響
    赤尾聡史; 津野洋; 堀江匠
    環境工学研究論文集, 43 39 - 46, Nov. 2006, Scientific journal
  • 半連続培養による未滅菌生ごみからの高光学純度L-乳酸の生成
    赤尾聡史; 津野洋
    環境工学研究論文集, 39 - 46, Dec. 2005, Scientific journal
  • Modelling of water quality and quantity variations in a rural small area and its application
    Shigeo Fujii; Isao Somiya; Naoyuki Kishimoto; Satoshi Akao; Makoto Yoshihara
    Advances in Asian Environmental Engineering, 1(1) 54 - 62, Jun. 2001, Scientific journal


  • Economic analysis for crop residue utilization in rural area using extended Input-Output table
    Satoshi Akao; Takanobu Katsumi
    The 11th International Conference in Challenges in Environmental Science & Engineering Conference, 109 , Nov. 2018, Summary international conference
  • 小地域産業連関表を用いた木質バイオマス利用事業の評価
    赤尾聡史; 勝見公敦
    同志社大学ハリス理化学研究報告, 58(4) 175 - 186, Jan. 2018, Report research institution
  • Antioxidant potential for nutrition in crop residues. International Water Association
    Satoshi Akao
    The 2nd International Resource Recovery Conference, 159 - 162, Aug. 2017, Summary international conference
  • 小地域産業連関表を用いた太陽光発電事業導入による地域経済効果分析
    赤尾聡史; 角谷美祐
    同志社大学ハリス理化学研究報告, 58(2) 96 - 102, Jul. 2017, Report research institution
  • 1-1-4 Nitrous oxide production in paddy soil under different irrigation regimes of water with high nitrate concentration
    Thanh Ha Thi Kim; Maeda Morihiro; Fujiwara Taku; Nagare Hideaki; Akao Satoshi
    Abstracts of the meeting, the Society of the Science of Soil and Manure, Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, (60) 2 - 2, 09 Sep. 2014
  • P1-1-23 Environmental factors controlling nitrous oxide production and nitrate removal under flooded soil conditions
    Ha Thi Kirn Thanh; Maeda Morihiro; Fujiwara Taku; Tsutsui Hirofumi; Nagare Hideaki; Akao Satoshi
    Abstracts of the meeting, the Society of the Science of Soil and Manure, Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, (59) 17 - 17, 11 Sep. 2013
  • Utilization of nutrients extracted from plant biomass in thermophilic L-lactic acid fermentation
    Satoshi Akao; Hideaki Nagare; Morihiro Maeda; Yoshihiko Hosoi; Taku Fujiwara
    Proceedings of 13th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion, Jun. 2013, Summary international conference
  • Non-sterile thermophilic L-lactic acid fermentation of food waste
    Satoshi Akao
    Journal of the Environment, 9(1) 7 - 13, Jan. 2013, Report scientific journal
  • Catch crop cultivation for diffuse agricultural pollution control and resource recovery
    Fujiwara T; Kondo K; Inoue K; Yamane S; Maeda M; Nagare H; Akao S; Takaoka M; Ohtoshi K
    The 4th CESE Conference,Tainan City,Taiwan, 2011, Summary international conference
  • Nutrient Recovery from Biomass Cultivated as Catch Crop for Removing Accumulated Fertilizer in Farm Soil
    Nagare H; Fujiwara T; Inoue T; Akao S; Inoue K; Takaoka M; Oshita K; Sun X
    Proceedings of the 8th IWA International Symposium on Waste Management Problems in Agro-Industries, 147 - 152, 2011, Summary international conference
  • Fermentation of Lignocellulosic Biomass Derived Sugars to L-Lactate by Thermophilic Bacillus coagulans
    Satoshi Akao; Yusuke Sakae; Yoshihiko Hosoi; Hideaki Nagare; Morihiro Maeda; Taku Fujiwara
    Proceedings of 12th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion, Nov. 2010, Summary international conference
  • Simultaneous Saccharification and L-Lactate e Fermentation of an Aquatic Plant (Trapa) under Unsterile Condition by Bacillus coagulans JCM 2258
    Satoshi Akao; Yusuke Sakae; Shingo Nakatani; Yoshihiko Hosoi; Taku Fujiwara
    Proceedings of IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition, Sep. 2010, Summary international conference
  • The influence of pH and temperature on products in L-lactate batch fermentation of garbage without sterile condition
    Satoshi Akao; Hiroshi Tsuno; Takumi Horie; Shuichi Mori
    Proceedings of the 15th Joint KAIST-KYOTO-NTU-NUS Symposium on Environmental Engineering, 94 - 100, Jun. 2006, Summary international conference
  • Production of L-lactic acid from garbage by thermophilic fermentation
    Satoshi Akao; Hiroshi Tsuno
    Proceedings of the 14th Joint KAIST-KYOTO-NTU-NUS Symposium on Environmental Engineering, 41 - 47, Jun. 2005, Summary international conference

Research Projects

  • Advanced Next-Generation Greenhouse Horticulture by IoP (Internet of Plants)
    2018/10 -2023/03
  • The Sanitation Value Chain: Designing Sanitation Systems as Eco-Community-Value System
    Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Research Project, 2015/04 -2022/03, Coinvestigator not use grants, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
  • 有機性廃棄物からのL-乳酸生成
    受託研究, 2009 -2014, Competitive research funding
  • 高温L-乳酸菌の有効活用
    高温L-乳酸発酵過程で生じる発酵残渣の有効利用方法を検討する., 補助金, 2009 -2010, Competitive research funding