Graduate School of Business
Last Updated :2021/10/23

Researcher Profile and Settings

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences/Business administration


  • Waseda University, Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies, 2003 - 2006
  • New York University Stern School of Business, Marketing, 1994/09 - 1996/06
  • Tufts University, Economics, 1987 - 1991

Association Memberships

  • International Academic Forum (IAFOR)

Committee Memberships

  • Editorial Board, 2020 - Today, Journal of Creating Value, Other
  • International Academic Advisory Board, 2019 - Today, International Academic Forum (IAFOR), Academic society

Published Papers

  • The Definition, Identification and Eradication of Value Washing
    Philip Sugai
    Journal of Creating Value, {SAGE} Publications, 239496432110320 - 239496432110320, 02 Aug. 2021, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • The Seven Directions of Value
    Philip Sugai
    Kindai Management Review, 935 - 45, Apr. 2021, English, Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution)
  • High-performance work systems and organizational performance across societal cultures
    Dastmalchian, Ali, Bacon, Nick, McNeil, Nicola, Steinke, Claudia, Blyton, Paul, Kumar, Medha Satish, Bayraktar, Secil, Auer-Rizzi, Werner, Bodla, Ali Ahmad, Cotton, Richard, Craig, Tim, Ertenu, Behice, Habibi, Mohammad, Huang, Heh Jason, Imer, Havva Pinar, Isa, Che Ruhana, Ismail, Ayman, Jiang, Yuan, Kabasakal, Hayat, Colombo, Carlotta Meo, Moghavvemi, Sedigheh, Mukherjee, Tuheena, Bin Musa, Ghazali, Sugai, Philip, Tang, Ningyu, Troung Thi Nam Thang, Varnali, Renin
    JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES, PALGRAVE MACMILLAN LTD, Jan. 2020, English, Research paper (scientific journal)
    Philip Sugai, Lukman Aroean
    IDEAS IN MARKETING: FINDING THE NEW AND POLISHING THE OLD, SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, 122 - 122, 2015, English, Research paper (international conference proceedings)
  • Willingness to pay for digital contents in Japan
    Donghun Kim, Philip Sugai
    Economics Bulletin, 30(3)1 - 7, 2010, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Differences in consumer loyalty and willingness to pay for service attributes across digital channels: A study of the Japanese digital content market
    Donghun Kim, Philip Sugai
    TELECOMMUNICATIONS POLICY, ELSEVIER SCI LTD, 32(7)480 - 489, Aug. 2008, English, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • The semantics of mobile TV
    Bryan Copeland, Philip Sugai
    Proceedings of the 6th Annual Communication Networks and Services Research Conference, CNSR 2008, 30 - 37, 2008, Research paper (international conference proceedings)
  • Exploring the impact of handset upgrades on mobile content and service usage.
    Philip Sugai
    IJMC, 5(3)281 - 299, 2007, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Differences in consumer loyalty and willingness to pay for service attributes across digital channels: the case of Japanese digital content market.
    Donghun Kim, Philip Sugai
    IWCMC 2007: Proceedings of the 2007 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, 231 - 235, 2007, Research paper (international conference proceedings)
  • Mapping the mind of the mobile consumer across borders: An application of the Zaltman metaphor elicitation technique
    Philip Sugai
    International Marketing Review, 22(6)641 - 657, 2005, Research paper (scientific journal)


  • Waste vs. Challenge! Consumer Insights and Strategic Implications of Unused Technology Product Capabilities and Features
    Kindai management review, Maruzen Planet ; c2013-, 2106 - 117, Mar. 2014, English
  • Study of consumer attitudes towards connected reader devices in Japan based on the decomposed Theory of Planned Behavior
    Koeder Marco Josef, Mohammed Upal, Sugai Philip
    Economics & management series, International University of Japan, 2011, May 2011, English
  • Willingness to Pay for Service Attributes in the Japanese Digital Content Market
    KIM N. N., Sugai Philip
    BMC Physiol., International University of Japan, 61 - 9, 2006, English
  • Segmenting and predicting consumer network loyalty behaviors within Japan's mobile market
    GITS, GITI research bulletin, 2004165 - 171, 2004, English
  • The Six Immutable Laws of Mobile Business
    Philip Sugai, Marco Koeder, Ludovico Ciferri
    The Six Immutable Laws of Mobile Business, 1 - 201, 16 Dec. 2009, Other

Books etc

  • Building value through marketing : a step-by-step guide
    Sugai, Philip
    Routledge, 2021, English
  • Suntory: Rebranding the Japanese Whisky Highball
    Ivey Business Publishing, Mar. 2020, Sole author
  • Nestlé KITKAT in Japan (D): A Trajectory For Future Growth
    Philip Sugai
    Ivey Business Publishing, Jun. 2019, Sole author
  • Nestlé KITKAT in Japan (C): Power of The Postal Service
    Philip Sugai
    Ivey Business Publishing, Jun. 2019, Sole author
  • Nestlé KITKAT in Japan (B): The Roots of Premiumization
    Philip Sugai
    Ivey Business Publishing, Jun. 2019, Sole author
  • Nestlé KITKAT in Japan (A): Sparking a Cultural Revolution
    Philip Sugai, Adrian Sossna
    Ivey Business Publishing, Jun. 2019, Joint author
  • Innovating Tradition at Hosoo
    Philip Sugai
    Ivey Business Publishing, Nov. 2018, Sole author
  • AGL: An Electric Utility Dealing with Disruptive Innovation
    Philip Sugai, Tom Houghton
    Ivey Business Publishing, Aug. 2016, Joint author
  • Hatsune Miku: Japanese Virtual Idol Ignites Global Value Co-creation
    Timothy Craig, Philip Sugai, Lukman Aroean
    Ivey Business Publishing, Jan. 2015, Joint author
  • The six immutable laws of mobile business
    Sugai, Philip, Koeder, Marco, Ciferri, Ludovico
    John Wiley & Sons, Jan. 2010, Joint author, English
  • Walt Disney Internet Group Japan's Dimo Project
    Philip Sugai
    Ivey Business Publishing, Nov. 2004, Sole author

Teaching Experience

  • Marketing
    Doshisha University
  • Innovation
    Stanford University
  • Marketing
    International University of Japan