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Researcher Profile and Settings

Profile and Settings

  • Research funding number


Research Interests

  • Race and Ethnic Studies in Japan
  • Theories on Colonialism and Modernity
  • Social History of Modern and Contemporary Korea

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences/History - Asia/Africa
  • Humanities & social sciences/Sociology
  • Humanities & social sciences/Cultural anthropology and folklore
  • Humanities & social sciences/Local studies

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Professor, Faculty of Social Studies, Department of Sociology, Doshisha University, 2014/04 - Today
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Studies, Department of Sociology, Doshisha University, 2008/04 - 2014/03
  • Visiting Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute, 2009/08 - 2010/07
  • Sennin Koshi (Tenured Lecturer), Faculty of Social Studies Department of Sociology, Doshisha University, 2005/04 - 2008/03
  • Faculty of Letters, Doshisha University, 2004/10 - 2005/03
  • Assistant, Department of Korean Studies, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, The University of Tokyo, 2003/04 - 2004/09


  • The University of Tokyo, College of Arts and Sciences, 1993/04 - 1995/03
  • The University of Tokyo, College of Arts and Sciences, 1991/04 - 1993/03

Academic Degrees

  • Ph. D, The University of Tokyo
  • Master of Arts, The University of Tokyo

Association Memberships

  • Korean Journal of Oral History
  • Korean Social History Association
  • Kansai Sociological Association
  • Association for Asian Studies
  • Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
  • Association for the Study of Korean Culture and Society
  • Association for the Study of Korean History

Committee Memberships

  • Editorial Board, 2010 - Today, Korean Journal of Oral History, Academic society, Korean Journal of Oral History
  • Board, 2013 -2016, Kansai Sociological Association, Academic society, Kansai Sociological Association

Awards & Honors

  • Shibusawa Prize
    Dec. 2009, Award from Japanese society, conference, symposium, etc., JPN

Published Papers

  • Intellectuals on the Battlefield: From the Memoir of a North Korean Linguist Kim Su-gyeong
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Doshisha Shakaigaku Kenkyu [Doshisha Review of Sociology], 2545 - 65, Mar. 2021, Japanese, Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution),
  • The Kyoto School of Anthropology and Taiwan: Genealogy of Osteology in the Kyoto Imperial University
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Twentieth Century Studies (Kyoto University), (21)79 - 107, Dec. 2020, Japanese, Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution),
  • Toward Critical Korean Studies: Thinking against Colonial and the Cold-War Frames
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Critical Review of History, 132232 - 258, Sep. 2020, Other language, Research paper (scientific journal),
  • Das japanische Kaiserreich in den Tagebuchaufzeichnungen dreier „gewöhnlicher Koreaner“
    Ryuta Itagaki
    Comparativ, 29(3)50 - 72, Mar. 2019, German, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • On the Making Process of the Film "Children of Korea (Chōsen no ko)" (1955)
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Hyoron Shakaikagaku, 12839 - 104, Mar. 2019, Japanese, Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution),
  • Language and Family Dispersion: North Korean Linguist Kim Su-gyŏng and the Korean War
    Ryuta Itagaki
    Cross-Currents, 6(1)151 - 176, May 2017
  • Constructing a Genealogy of Colonial Responsibility
    Itagaki Ryuta
    Historical Journal (Rekishi Hyōron), 校倉書房, (784)17 - 28, Aug. 2015, Japanese
  • Kim Sugyong's studies of the Korean language and Japan's influence : colonization, liberation, and border crossing
    Itagaki Ryuta
    The social science, 同志社大学, 10261 - 98, May 2014
  • Historicizing Fieldwork: Vincent Brandt’s Research in a Korean Village in 1966
    Itagaki Ryuta
    Korean Culture and Society, 韓国・朝鮮文化研究会 ; 2002-, (12)110 - 149, Oct. 2013, Japanese
  • Dreaming Home: Colonial Experiences Seen through Diaries of A Korean in Kyoto, 1940-43
    Itagaki Ryuta
    Ritsumeikan Journal of Korean Studies, 41 - 21, 2013
  • Re-collecting East Asia: A Theoretical Sketch for Transnational Sites of Memory
    Jung Jiyoung, Itagaki Ryuta, Iwasaki Minoru
    Critical Review of History, (102)285 - 311, 2013
  • Speculation on Modernity in East Asia
    Itagaki Ryuta
    Critical Review of History, (105)301 - 326, 2013
  • Family Genealogies (chokpo) in the Era of Ch’angssi Kaemyǒng: Focusing on the Response of Patrilineal Descent Groups
    Itagaki, Ryuta, Mizuno, Naoki
    Kankoku Chosen Bunka Kenkyu, (11)34 - 74, 2012
  • Rikidozan as Transnational Sites of Memory in East Asia
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Critical Review of History, 95127 - 160, 2011
  • Towards the "Lieux de Memoire" of East Asia: a perspective from Korean history
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Rekishigaku Kenkyu (Journal of Historical Studies), 青木書店, (867)57 - 67, Jun. 2010, Japanese
  • Colonial Responsibility Arguments and the Movement against the Japan-Republic of Korea Normalization Talks
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Shiso (Iwanami Shoten), (1029)219 - 238, Jan. 2010, Japanese
  • The history and prospects of Japanese colonial studies: with a focus on the historiography of modern Korea
    Itagaki Ryuta, Tobe Hideaki, Mizutani Satoshi
    The Social science., Alternative:Institute for the Study of Humanities & Social Sciences, Doshisha University, 40(88)27 - 59, 2010, Japanese
  • Criticism and Solidarity : Reflections on the Historical Dialogue between Japan and Korea(Anthropology in the Age of Neoliberalism)
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology, 日本文化人類学会, 74(2)293 - 315, 2009, Japanese
  • "Youth" in the Local Society of Modern Korea
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Journal for Asian Popular History, (13)55 - 78, 2008
  • How the Korean Government General Rounds Up "Illicitly Brewed Liquor" : A Study of Documents in the Korean National Archives
    板垣 竜太
    Doshisha Shakaigaku Kenkyu (Doshisha Review for Sociology), (11)15 - 25, 2007
  • Places of Memory between Korea and Japan
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Gendai Shiso (revue de la pensee d'aujourd'hui), 33(6)116 - 125, Jun. 2005, Japanese
  • On 'Colonial Modernity' : Trends and Problems in Korean History
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Rekishi Hyoron (Historical Review), (654)35 - 45, Oct. 2004, Japanese
  • Between 'New' and 'Old' : Consuming and Social Recognition of a Rural Youth in 1930s
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Kankoku Chosen no Bunka to Shakai (Korean Culture and Society), (2)113 - 142, Oct. 2003, Japanese
  • Transition of "Local Elites" in Rural Society of Colonial Korea : Change and Continuity of Ruling Structure in Sangju, Kyeong-buk
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Higashi Azia Kindaishi (Modern East Asian History), (6)8 - 27, Mar. 2003, Japanese
  • Local Society and Primary Schools in Colonial Korea--Focusing on a School in Sangju, North Kyong sang Province
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Bulletin of the Society for the Korean Historical Science, 学術雑誌目次速報データベース由来, 40247 - 275,*9-11, 2002, Japanese
  • Bureaucracy and Villages in Nongch'on chinhung-undong (農村振興運動)--With a Focus on Documentationalism
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Journal of the Academic Association of Koreanology in Japan, 学術雑誌目次速報データベース由来, 1751 - 42,*1, 2000, Japanese
  • Literacy Survey in Colonial Korea
    板垣 竜太
    Azia Afurika Gengo Bunka Kenkyu (Journal of Asian and African Studies), (58)277 - 316, 1999
  • The Anatomy of Korea-phobia in Japan
    Ryuta Itagaki
    Japanese Studies, Routledge, 35(1)49 - 66, 02 Jan. 2015, English, Research paper (scientific journal)


  • International Symposium: Comparabilities of Total War, Minority Mobilization and Racism Across US and Japanese Imperialisms
    FUJITANI Takashi, ITAGAKI Ryuta, KOMAGOME Takeshi, LEE Hyodok, MASUBUCHI Asako, MIZUTANI Satoshi, NAKAMURA Rika, NAKANO Toshio, SAKAI Naoki, WATANABE Naoki, YAMADA Tomoki, YUN KyongSon
    Institute of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, (23)9 - 60, 31 Mar. 2021, Japanese
  • Post-War Process and Colonial Responsibility in Japan
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Shakai Undo [Social Movements], 43620 - 35, Oct. 2019, Japanese, Article, review, commentary, editorial, etc. (trade magazine, newspaper, online media)
  • [Facing and Averting: The 100th Anniversary of the March 1st Movement and Japanese Colonial Responsibility
    Sekai (Iwanami Shoten), (920)204 - 209, May 2019, Japanese, Article, review, commentary, editorial, etc. (trade magazine, newspaper, online media)
  • Structure and Responsibility
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    60 - 61, Jun. 2018, Japanese
  • Situating Fingerprinting within Colonial and the Cold War History
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Quadrante, 209 - 15, Mar. 2018, Japanese, Book review, literature introduction, etc.
  • Historicity and Institutionality of Racism
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    HOUGAKU Seminar, 60(7)12 - 13, Jul. 2015, Japanese
  • Comments : Toward an anti-racism rooted in historical relations
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Kansai Sociological Review, 関西社会学会, 14(14)64 - 67, 2015, Japanese
  • Development of Miyajima-Historiography and Theory of Confucianism
    Itagaki Ryuta
    Doshisha Studies in Language and Culture, 15(1)38 - 60, 2012
  • Beyond the Strait of Recognition between Japan and Korea: The Present Situation of Colonialism and the Cold War
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Impaction, (183)128 - 140, 2012, Japanese
  • North-Korea-phobia in Contemporary Japan : A Case Study of Political Attacks on Korean Ethnic Schools (特集 ヘイトクライムに対する規制の可能性)
    板垣 竜太
    龍谷大学矯正・保護総合センター研究年報 = Ryukoku Corrections and Rehabilitation Center journal, 龍谷大学矯正・保護総合センター, (2)76 - 85, 2012, English
  • Linking Fingerprinting Experiences: The Politics and Memory of the Question, "Who are you?"
    板垣 竜太
    Nihon Gakuho (Osaka University), 大阪大学大学院文学研究科日本学研究室, (29)17 - 36, Mar. 2010, Japanese
  • Racism, Clonialism, and the Politics of Multiculturalism (Special Issue: Racism, Colonialism, and the Politics of Multiculturalism)
    Itagaki Ryuta
    The social science, Doshisha University, 863 - 9, Feb. 2010, Japanese
  • Colonialism, Migration and Fear of the Foreign in Japan: Three Journeys ( Racism, Colonialism, and the Politics of Multiculturalism)
    Morris-Suzuki Tessa, Itagaki Ryuta
    The social science, Doshisha University, 8639 - 62, Feb. 2010, Japanese
  • Introductory remarks on the special theme: Between Written and non-Written
    板垣 竜太
    Korean culture and society, 韓国・朝鮮文化研究会, (6)7 - 21, Oct. 2007, Japanese
  • On 'Supporting' Korean Ethnic School
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    HOUGAKU Seminar, 52(7)56 - 59, Jul. 2007, Japanese
  • Pacifism, Colonialism and the Memories of Violence : Memorandum on the 'Boycott' of a Biographic Novel of Home-coming from Colony
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Impaction, (160)56 - 65, 2007, Japanese
  • A Short Biography of "O-Gwang"
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Kankoku Chosen no Bunka to Shakai (Korean Culture and Society), (3)237 - 242, Oct. 2004, Japanese
  • 'MyKad' in Malaysia : Comparing the Resident Registration System in South Korea
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Shakai Undo, (287)53 - 57, Feb. 2004, Japanese

Books etc

  • "The 38th Parallel in Ginkakuji: Korean Schools and Local Society in Kyoto, 1951-1965"
    Itagaki Ryuta
    Doshisha Center for Korean Studies, Mar. 2021, Contributor, pp.155-209 (Chapter 4), Japanese, Scholarly book
  • Reading Diaries Written by Korean Populace in Colonial Korea: A Basic Research in Theory and Methodology
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Nov. 2018, Contributor, Scholarly book
  • The "Comfort Women" Issues and Responsibility for the Future
    NAKANO Toshio, ITAGAKI Ryuta, KIM Ch'ang-Nok, OKAMOTO Yuka, KIM Puja eds
    Otsuki Shoten, Dec. 2017, Joint editor, Japanese, General book, introductory book for general audience
  • Creating Spaces for Expression under Racism and the Attacks against "Anti-Japan"
    An Se-Hong, Ri Ch'un-hee and Okamoto Yuka ed., Who Kills ?, Ochanomizu Shobo, Sep. 2017, Contributor
  • "Genealogy of Forced Korean Transportation Discourse, 1955-1965," OTA Osamu and Heo Eun eds., Cold War Culture in East Asia
    Seoul: Somyong Books, Aug. 2017
  • The Cold War East Asia Seen through Diaries
    ITAGAKI Ryuta, Jung Byungwook
    Doshisha Center for Korean Studies, Mar. 2017, Joint editor, Japanese, Scholarly book
  • Keynote Speech: Racism and Hate Speech in Japan
    LAZAK ed., To What Extent can We Regulate Hate Speech?, Tokyo: Kage Shobo, Aug. 2016
  • Kim Puja & Itagaki Ryuta eds, Korean "Comfort Women" and Colonial Responsibility
    Ochanomizu Shobō, Oct. 2015, Joint editor
  • Sites of Memory in East Asia
    Samin Publishers, Mar. 2015, Joint editor
  • Revisiting North Korean Linguist Kim Soo-gyong
    Doshisha Center for Korean Studies, Jan. 2015, Joint editor
  • Colonialism as a Question
    ITAGAKI Ryuta, Jung Byungwook
    Seoul: Somyong Publishers, Aug. 2014, Joint editor
  • "Genealogy of Discourses on the Forcible Transporation of Korean Population, 1945-1955", 《Hanil Hyeopcheong 50nyeonsa eui Chaejomyeong III [Revisiting the 50 Years History of the Treaty between Japan and the Republic of Korea]》
    Tongbuga Yeoksa Jaedan [Northeast Asian History Foundation], Jun. 2014
  • Internationality and Nationality in a North Korean Linguist Kim Su Gyeong
    Seoul: Hyean, Jun. 2014
  • Modern Experiences Inscribed on Diaries: A Joint Study of Korea, Japan and Germany
    Doshisha Center for Korean Studies, Mar. 2014, Joint editor
  • In Search of Tradition, Modernity, Colony and Nation in Diaries
    Seoul: Somyong Publishers, Apr. 2013, Joint editor
  • "Literacy Survey in Colonial Korea," Ko Yǒngjin et al., Language Problems in Korea and Japan of the Early 20th Century
    Somyǒng, Jun. 2012
  • Japanese Empire
    Ryuta Itagaki, Satoshi Mizutani, Hideaki Tobe
    Philippa Levine and John Marriott eds., The Ashgate Companion to Modern Imperial Histories, Ashgate, Jun. 2012, Joint author
  • Colonial Responsibility Arguments and the Movement against the Japan-Republic of Korea Normalization Talks
    Aug. 2011
  • Elementary Schools and Local Community in Colonial Korea: A Case Study of a School in Sangju, Kyǒng-Buk
    Jun. 2011
  • Contemporary History: Social History and Cultural History
    Chosenshi Kenkyukai ed., Chosenshi Kenkyu Nyumon (Introduction to Korean History), Nagoya Daigaku Shuppankai, Jun. 2011
  • Pitfalls of Critical Theory: A Contemporary Reflection
    Rekishigaku Kenkyukai (The Historical Science Society of Japan) ed., The 100th Anniversary of "Korea Annexation" and Historiography in Japan: From the Perspective of "Colonial Responsibility", Tokyo: Aoki Shoten, May 2011
  • Rural Society and the Common People in Korea
    Yamamuro Shin'ichi et al. eds., Higashi Ajia Kingendai Tsushi (Modern and Contemprary History of East Asia), Vol. 5, Iwanami Shoten, May 2011
  • Sites of Memory in East Asia
    Tokyo: Kawade Shobo Shinsha, Apr. 2011, Joint editor
  • Cracks of Imperialization: Family Genealogies (Chokpo) in Late Colonial Korea
    Changzoo Song ed., Korean Studies in Shift: Proceedings of the 2010 Pacific Asian Conference on Korean Studies, 10th Pacific Asian Conference on Korean Studies, Nov. 2010
  • On a Diary of a Korean Factory Worker during Wartime (1941)
    Language and Society in Korean Peninsula, Nov. 2009
  • Anatomy of : Structure of Racism and Nationalism in Contemporary Japan
    Sŏ Sŭng, Hwang Sŏng-bin & Anzako Yuka eds., Inside and Outside of the "Korean Boom" : Cultural Power of Korea and Fusion Reactions, Tokyo: Ochanomizu Shobo, Dec. 2008
  • The Post-Cold-War and the Pursuit of Colonial Responsibility : Towards Establishing a Concept of Colonial Responsibility II
    Kim Puja & Nakano Toshio eds., History and Responsibility : "Comfort Women" Problem and 1990s, Tokyo: Seikyusha, Jun. 2008
  • A Historical Ethnography of Modern Korea : Colonial Experience in Sangju, Kyŏng-buk
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Tokyo: Akashi Shoten, May 2008, Sole author, Japanese, Scholarly book
  • Japan-Korea, 20 Chapters for New Beginnings
    Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, Jan. 2007, Joint editor
  • Brewing and Resistance: On
    Editorial Committee on Collected Papers to Commemorate the Retire of Professor ITOH Abito eds., Higashi Azia karano Jinruigaku : Kokka, Kaihatsu, Shimin (Anthropology from East Asia: Nation, Development, Citizen), Tokyo: Fukyosha, Mar. 2006
  • Citizens for Responsible Media ed., Why was the TV Program Falsified? : Depths of "NHK ETV Incident"
    Tokyo: Ichiyosha, Jan. 2006
  • Mun Bu-sik, In Search of Lost Memories : Thinking the Era of Madness (translation from Korean into Japanese)
    Tokyo: Gendai Kikakushitsu, Jun. 2005
  • For the Establishment of Colonial Responsibility Concept
    Nakano Toshio et al. eds., Continuing Colonialism : Gender / Nation / Race / Class, Seikyusha, Feb. 2005
  • On Colonial Melancholy : Rediscovered World of a Rural Adolescent
    I Sŏngsi et al. eds., Perspectives of Colonial Modernity : Korea and Japan, Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, Oct. 2004
  • Right to Privacy and Surveillance Society in the World
    Tokyo: Akashi Shoten, Jun. 2003

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Rethinking Ryukyuan Human Remains Collected by the Kyoto Imperial University
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    27 Jul. 2020, Japanese, Public lecture, seminar, tutorial, course, or other speech
  • "Crime and Punishment" in a District of North Korea: Criminal Proceedings in Pyŏngsan-gun, Hwanghae-do, 1946-47
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    "Cultural History of North Korea" Project, 16 May 2020, Japanese, Oral presentation (general)
  • Everyday Politics of Locality: Experiences of Personal Relationships between a Korean School and its Neighborhood
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    4th TUDOKU Conference 2018, 06 Sep. 2018, English, Oral presentation (general), Faculty of Humanities, Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen (Germany)
  • Romantic Motives in Cold War Area Studies: Vincent Brandt’s Anthropological Research into Korean Peripheries
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    AAS-in-ASIA Conference 2018, 06 Jul. 2018, Oral presentation (general), The Association for Asian Studies and Ashoka University, India Habitat Centre (New Delhi)
  • Imagination beyond the Historical Walls
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Korean Society for Cultural Anthropology, 09 Jun. 2018, Oral presentation (invited, special), Seoul National University
  • Divided Family and Shared Memories: Entangled Life Histories of a North Korean Linguist Kim Su-gyŏng and His Family
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Transnational Cultures: Colonialism and the Cold War in Japan and KoreaThe 3rd TUDOKU Conference, at Doshisha University, 29 Sep. 2017, Oral presentation (general)
  • Of Grammatology in North Korea, 1945-58
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    03 Jun. 2017, Oral presentation (invited, special)
  • From Stalin to Kim Il Sung in Linguistics: Theoretical Authority and Language Reform in North Korea
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    The 2nd TUDOKU Conference, The Sacred and the Secular: Power and Authorities in Modern East Asia, held at Korea University (Seoul), 18 Oct. 2016, Oral presentation (general)
  • The Anatomy of Korea-phobia in Japan,
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    IUAES/JASCA joint Panel #132, 2014 Annual Conference, The International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Association, Makuhari Messe, 17 May 2014, English, Oral presentation (general)
  • Transnationalizing Sites of Memory: The Asia Pacific
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    International workshop, "Transnationalizing Sites of Memory: The Asia Pacific," co-organizer, Asian Institute, University of Toronto,, 10 May 2014, English, Public lecture, seminar, tutorial, course, or other speech
  • North-Korea-phobia in Contemporary Japan: A Case Study of Political Attacks on Korean Ethnic Schools
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Panel #100, 2012 Annual Conference, Association for Asian Studies, Sheraton Centre Toronto (Toronto, Canada), 16 Mar. 2012, English, Oral presentation (general)
  • Places and Holes of Memory: Reflections of Rikidōzan / Yǒktosan / Ryǒktosan
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Panel #558, 2011 Annual Conference, Association for Asian Studies, Hawai'i Convention Center (Hawai'i, USA), 02 Apr. 2011, English, Oral presentation (general)
  • Politics of Fingerprinting: Colonialism, the Cold-War, and Globalization
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Invited Lecture at University of California, San Diego, co-sponsored by Ethnic Studies, History, Japanese Studies, Korea-Pacific Program, Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, and Department of Literature,, 19 Feb. 2010, English, Oral presentation (invited, special)
  • The Politics of "Illicitly Brewed Liquor" in Colonial Korea
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Invited Lecture at Harvard University, co-sponsored by Harvard-Yenching Institute and Korea Institute, 11 Dec. 2009, English, Oral presentation (invited, special)
  • On Colonial Responsibility
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    Department of Asian Studies, at Cornell University, 12 Nov. 2009, English, Oral presentation (invited, special)
  • 'Seoul' Viewed from Distance
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    in Urban Culture in Colonial Korea, at University of British Columbia (Vancouver), 18 Feb. 2006, English, Oral presentation (general)


  • "Opinion Statement for the Trial over the Restitution of Ryukyuan Human Remains," Hyoron Shakaikagaku, 134, 2020, pp.141-177.
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
    2020/09 -2020/09
  • "Memorandum for a Racial Harassment Case in a Company," Hyoron Shakaikagaku, 122, 2017, pp.129-164
    ITAGAKI Ryuta
  • "Revisiting North Korean Linguist Kim Sugyǒng (1918-2000)", Social Science, 44(1)
  • A proposal for the trial on hate speeches to a Korean school in Japan
  • Speculationg on Colonial Responsibility: Between History and Law
  • "No.100 Special Anniversary Issue: A Long Journey toward the Establishment of Faculty of Social Studies," Hyoron Shakaikagaku (The Association of Social Studies, Doshisha University), No. 100, June 2012

Mass Media Activities

  • Television, History Special, KBS (Korea), Oct. 2012