Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering
Last Updated :2020/02/29

Researcher Profile and Settings

Research Interests

  • ultrafine grain structure

Research Areas

  • Nanotechnology/Materials/Material fabrication and microstructure control

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Doshisha University, 2000 - 2002
  • Doshisha University, 1997 - 2000
  • Doshisha University, 2002


  • Doshisha University, 1992
  • Doshisha University, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, 1992
  • Doshisha University, 1989
  • Doshisha University, Faculty of Engineering, 1989

Academic Degrees

  • Doctor of Engineering, Doshisha University
  • Master of Engineering, Doshisha University

Research cooperation among industry, academia and government

  • Joint Research Theme:Environmental Embrittlement
    Keywordstress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, grain boundary embrittlement
    Remarks:Cooperative research with other research organization including private (industrial) sectors

Research Seeds

  • Improvement of the Mechanical Properties of Magnesium Alloy AZ31 Using Nonlinear Twist Extrusion (NTE)
    Research Interests: metal metal working forging extrusion nanostructure
    Research Fields: Chemicals, Nanotechnology and Materials
    Summary: Magnesium alloys poses superior properties such as low density and high specific strength. However, its applications has been limited by their inferior cold workability. Mg-3%Al-1%Zn(AZ31) was subjected to severe plastic deformation(SPD) technique called nonlinear twist extrusion(NTE). Deformation was achieved for 4 passes at 373K,423K,473K,523K and 573K. Both microstructural and mechanical properties were examined.
    Usage Apply: The demand for reliable, light and stiff materials in structural applications has been led to increased demand for Mg alloys. More so Mg alloys are expected to be useful for minimizing global environmental problems. Through inducing high plastic strains, NTE produces high strength materials which can be applied load carrying structures. AZ31 with improved mechanical properties is promising in automotive, aircraft fuselages, cell phones, laptop cases, speaker cones, healthcare amongst others.
  • Combined processing by shearing and rolling to improve ridging and formability of ferritic stainless steel sheet
    Research Fields: Machinery and Measuring Equipment, Chemicals, Nanotechnology and Materials
    Affiliation/Name: Hiroyuki Miyamoto