Graduate School of Global Studies
Last Updated :2021/10/23

Researcher Profile and Settings

Research Interests

  • Global Governance
  • Trans-national

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences/International relations

Research History

  • 1.1992-1994: did research on women NGOs in Iran and their impact on the changes in legal, political and social status of women.
  • 2. April-September, 2001: research on Iran's foreign relations as a visiting scholar of the Iran's Institute of Political and International Studies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • 3. April, 2005-March, 2008: did research on "Gender and Socioeconomic Analysis of Alleviating and Preventing disasters in Tsunami
  • Affected Society: A Case Study from Sri Lanka and India"
  • 4.Visiting scholarship at Strategic Institute of Turkey, from April-September, 2006: did research on Turkey's security and strategic policies in the Middle East and its impact on its negotiation with the EU membership.
  • 5. From April, 2010, launched the project "Inter-desciplinary Research on Preventing Conflicts in the Middle East.


  • University of California, Los Angeles, 1994
  • Osaka University of Foreign Studies, 1984
  • Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Graduate School, Division of Foreign Language, 1984
  • Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies, 1982
  • Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Faculty of Foreign Language, 1982
  • -, -, 1994

Academic Degrees

  • Not entered, University of California, Los Angeles
  • M.A. in History, University of California, Los Angeles
  • 文学修士, 大阪外国語大学

Association Memberships

  • Middle East Studies Association of North America

Published Papers

  • Impacts of the US-Iran Relationship on Women's Movements in Iran
    Hisae Nakanishi
    (16)75 - 113, Mar. 2021, Japanese,
  • Interlinking open science and community-based participatory research for socio-environmental issues
    Yasuhisa Kondo, Akihiro Miyata, Ui Ikeuchi, Satoe Nakahara, Ken'ichiro Nakashima, Hideyuki Ōnishi, Takeshi Osawa, Kazuhiko Ota, Kenichi Sato, Ken Ushijima, Bianca Vienni Baptista, Terukazu Kumazawa, Kazuhiro Hayashi, Yasuhiro Murayama, Noboru Okuda, Hisae Nakanishi
    Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 3954 - 61, Oct. 2019, English, Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Revolutionary Sprits Seen in Iran's Security Policies
    Hisae Nakanishi
    (13)62 - 80, Mar. 2018,
  • The Analysis of Iran's Art and Cultural Policies in the Post-Revolutionary Period
    81 - 19, 2017, English
  • Peacebuilding Studies and Area Studies: What is needed now?
    Hisae Nakanishi
    『地域研究』, No.14(1)106 - 121, 2014
  • "Decentralization and Local Autonomy in Indonesia"
    Hisae Nakanishi
    Jouran l of International Development Studies Forum, (20)113 - 136, Mar. 2001, English
  • “Human Security in Non-conflict States:A Case of Afghan Unaccompanied Children in the UK,”
    Hisae Nakanishi
    同志社グローバル・スタディーズ, Ⅲ(26), Mar. 2013


  • Essay: Reading Chunichi Newspaper
    Hisae Nakanishi
    Aug. 2006, Japanese, Article, review, commentary, editorial, etc. (trade magazine, newspaper, online media)
  • Ethnicity, state, Islamic Community (ummat) in the age of Globalization
    Journal of International Development Studies Forum, 2001

Books etc

  • Economic sanctions under international law : unilateralism, multilateralism, legitimacy, and consequences
    Marossi, Ali Z., Bassett, Marisa R.
    Asser Press,Springer, 2015, Joint author, pp.23-41, English
  • Central Asian Law: An Historical Overview, in
    Wallace Johnson, Irina F, Popova, eds
    Topeka, Kansas: Jostens, 2004, Contributor, "Islam and Universalism in Family Law: A Comparative Study of the Contemporary Iranian and Turkish Civil Codes"
  • Women in Muslim societies : diversity within unity
    Bodman, Herbert L, Tohidi, Nayereh eds
    Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1998, Joint author, Power, Ideology, and Women's Consciousness in Postrevolutionary Iran, pp.83-117., English

Conference Activities & Talks

  • “The Construction of the Sanction Regime against Iran:Political and Strategic Dimensions”
    Center for Iranian Studies, 2014, Columbia University
  • “Iran’s Nuclear Problem”
    Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, 2014, Duke University
  • “Unilateralism and international cooperation,”
    at the Symposium Unilateral Sanctions and International Law, 2013, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • “Nuclear Impasse of Iran and Its Impact on the Persian Gulf Security,”
    International Conference on Conflict Prevention in the Middle East, 2012, イスタンブール旧日本領事館
  • “Japanese Viewpoints on Arab’s Spring“
    Arab’s Spring and Peace and Security in the Middle East, Institute for International and Political Studies, 2011, Iran
  • “Iran’s Security Policy since 9.11”
    Annual Meeting of Middle East Studies Association, 2011, North America, Washington DC
  • “Middle East Security and Turkey-Japan Cooperation”
    2011, at ORSAM, Turkey
  • A New Perspective on the Conflict Mitigation in the Middle East: From a Perspective of Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine”
    “Searching for A New Perspective on the Conflict Mitigation in the Middle East”, 2010, Doshisha University (Hakuenkan)
  • “Iran's Preventive Policy in the Post Gulf War Period”
    Gulf Research Center, 2009, Dubai, UAE
  • “ESD and the Future Global Citizen” at “International Workshop and Symposium for Promoting ESD”
    Jointly organized, 2008, Nagoya University and UNESCO Bangkok Office
  • “Civil Society and Non-Sate Actors in Iran,”
    “Europe and Asia: Between Islam and the United States: The Lessons of Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran,”, 2007, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • "An Alternative Conflict Resolution in the Middle East"
    ORSAM, Turkey
  • 「米国とイラン-不安定化する中東情勢における対立と協調」
    関西民放クラブ定期懇話会, 2015
  • “The Linkage between Nuclear Negotiations and the US-Iran Conflict and Cooperation”
    International Conference on “Iran, America and Islamic State: Emerging Challenges in the Middle East, Views from Iran,” Doshisha University, 2015
  • 「中東の安定化と米国・イラン関係の現状と課題」
    クラブ関西, 2014
  • “Keynote Speech: Conflict Mitigation in the Middle East,”
    International Conference of Peace and Security in the Middle East:, 2013


  • International Conference on Conflict Prevention in the Middle East

Research Grants & Projects

  • Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding in the Middle East

Social Contribution

  • Membership in International Hydrological Programme (IHP) of UNESCO, 2010-2011/12
  • Scientific Committee at Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies at Coventry University, 2011
  • Editorial Board member for Turkish Journal, at Politics”Fatih University, Turkey, 2010/11
  • 人間研究機構 「イスラーム地域研究」部門評価委員会委員
  • 総合地球環境額研究所 プロジェクト評価委員
  • 総合地球環境額研究所 2014年実施の機関評価委員

Mass Media Activities

  • Newspaper, 「読者の見方:厳しい『72 時間以内』対米協調なら続く」, 中日新聞, Jan. 2015
  • Newspaper, 「長期戦より時間区切ることを選択」, 産経新聞, Jan. 2015
  • Newspaper, 岐路平和憲法「『自衛権』拡大解釈の恐れ」, 『京都新聞』, Jun. 2014